Maintaining a schedule for your vaccinations

Nov 3, 2020 | COVID-19

Cold and flu season is here – kicking off right when we are beginning to see Coronavirus cases starting to tick back up. Many people may be wondering when the COVID-19 vaccine will be released or looking for a place to get a flu shot.

Those are very important things to be considering, but equally important is staying on your child’s normal immunization schedule.

Vaccinations throughout childhood help to provide immunity to potentially life-threatening diseases. The CDC, who is responsible for publishing written recommendations for vaccinating US children and adults, as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics have reported that staying on schedule for these immunizations provides the very best protection from serious infections.

But is it safe right now?

Many parents are asking if it’s safe to visit their pediatrician while the Coronavirus cases are spiking again. The answer is yes, it is safe to take your children to the doctor. Many pediatric practices have completely overhauled their well-child check-up process to ensure that everyone who comes in for a well visit can go home without exposure to viruses like COVID-19.

What if I got behind?

Life happens. Even outside of the pandemic, scheduling those well visits sometimes slips up on parents. Do not worry – simply call your pediatrician and their staff will work to get you back on track to catch up on your child’s immunization plan.

Slow the Spread

We are still learning a lot about COVID-19 and the impact it has on children. I suggest everyone continue with the work they’ve been doing to socially distance, to wear their masks, to wash their hands and to also stay up to date on all of vaccines.

Michael T. Finch, Jr., M.D., FAAP

Michael T. Finch, Jr., M.D., FAAP

SCMA Board President / Sandhills Pediatrics

In addition to being a pediatrician, Dr. Finch serves as Board President for the South Carolina Medical Association, where he advocates for organized medicine across the state.


Rumor vs. Real

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